Secure and Private Web Hosting Solutions in Atlanta


Secure and Private Web Hosting Solutions in Atlanta

Web Hosting in Atlanta

Web hosting companies are in most demand nowadays, be it in Atlanta or Arizona, everywhere in the USA. The latest direction of evolution is the digital transformation of the complete infrastructure of consumer events globally. And with the depleted and torn state of the planet as a consequence of shameless exploitation of its natural reserves, it makes sense. The Internet has gradually evolved to become an outlet for escaping the impending doom of complete saturation of resources. 

Consumers and manufacturers both have taken a cue and adapted to different alternatives. The response from all quarters for e-commerce and online shopping trends are tremendously encouraging. The online gold rush has had begun and everyone wants a slice if not a big chunk. 

Atlanta is no different and is also fast warming up to the effect of digitalization. If you are in Atlanta, and the thought of taking your business online has crossed your mind and you are looking for the top hosting companies in Atlanta, look no further.   

The Enemies of the Web Hosting Space

The web hosting industry can be a tricky place. While the resultant output and the user interface can be a seamless experience, what lies behind in order to keep the show running can be quite scary, if you come to think of it. Behind the website you view on the screen of your device is where the world of web hosting begins. It is a dense world of complicated and delicately assembled networks, microprocessors, chips and circuits within servers. This complexity is, however, responsible for the formation of the basic infrastructure of the world of web hosting. 

Inside the world of web hosting, hacking, malicious bots, malware, DDoS attacks, and other security issues are the major threats. One has to stay vigilant all the time to anticipate and deal with these on a regular basis. So when you decide on building your own website or online store, you should have a complete knowledge of the imminent and impending possibilities of threats that might severely damage the functionalities of your website. This way your website stays protected, and during the event of a security compromise, you will always have an immediate action plan in hand. 

And as all the top web hosting companies in Atlanta, using state of the art information security protection for securing our servers and networks is the first and foremost priority for us. This is to ensure a seamless, secure and uninterrupted user experience for numerous website visitors.

Below discussed are some of the noteworthy potential security threats that may expose the website to perils.

Identifying the Security Threats in Web Hosting

Nowadays, the hosting environment is more prone and susceptible to cybercrime attacks than it was a decade ago. Today, most security compromise incidents are a result or outcome of either the unforced human error or malicious automated third-party software, bots and sometimes a cunning connivance of both. These web security breaches are further classified into the following categories:

SQL Database Injection Attacks – This attack is the most common instance of server security compromise often resulting in data theft. It squeezes out all the relevant data from the website including login credentials, customer information, consumer credit card, and banking details and other secure data.

Cross-Site Scripting Attacks (XSS) – This is also an fragment of injection, but unlike the previous one, it is injected directly into the site instead of the server resulting in reversed admin control. Sometimes a complete coup de tat (stroke of state) on the website by an attacker is witnessed.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) – This is an instance of a combination of unforced human error or shortcoming with third-party malware.

Brute Forcing and Weak Passwords – Another instance of unsuspecting digital ignorance exploited by unscrupulous electronic stealth. Seeing most attackers are insiders, it is another lethal combination of carelessness and electronic breaching skills.

Unreliable Third Party Software Applications – Installing unreliable or suspicious web applications on one’s device is an indirect way of granting direct access to their private information stored on the device. It shall be viewed in a court of law as compliance to consequences in the event of a compromise.

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