Migrating Website: A Guide to Swiftly Switch to New Web Hosting Providers


Migrating Website: A Guide to Swiftly Switch to New Web Hosting Providers

Website development is not just restricted to applying an appealing theme, including comprehensive content and adding intuitive navigation. In order to achieve online visibility and cultivate its worth by resonating the business objectives, a website needs to be seamlessly accessible via the world wide web. Web hosting works as an anchor for the website to maintain its sustainability and provides a virtual storage space for it to reside. Once a website acquires its distinctive domain name and arranged in respective servers, users can easily access them via an assigned URL. 

Irrespective of the size and structure, businesses in this competitive sphere, need to source out the top web hosting sites to make their website accessible to the common masses. Enterprises have been enjoying multiple benefits offered by some of the best web hosting providers worldwide by simply handing over their websites, yet having full control over their resources. 

Moving Websites: A Strenuous Task!

Web hosting services are available in a wide range of prices and options that vary according to the business requirements. With growing business objectives, the server needs to be changed, and there have been cases where businesses often fail to achieve optimal results with their current web hosting provider. This dissatisfactory situation further generates the sudden requirement of switching to more reliable and nothing less than the best web hosting provider. 

The process of filtering out new web hosting provider is a tedious task to accomplish and making it a functional transfer with zero downtime is often a matter of precision and appropriate knowledge.

Below is a quick guide to switching websites swiftly and securely to an improvised and best web hosting provider for an enduring business future. 

Search and Subscribe to a New Web Host

There is a myriad of web hosting options available in the market that provide different services, along with dedicated configurations, and offers varied servers. Hence, the first step prior to switching web hosting company is to find a reliable and possibly the best web hosting provider who can offer better services than the previous one. It is imperative to determine which hosting provider can best serve the business requirements with their available resources and server configurations. 

Backup All the Website Files

The next and probably the most crucial step is to properly backup all the website data and files from the old server. In case of static websites, businesses can simply copy the previous structure, and for backing up websites that contain several graphics and images, a basic FTP application, or File Zila can do the work. For a dynamic website, it is highly imperative to import crucial data from the previous system by using any third party software. In the end, enfsure that all the necessary files are safely backed up into the current system and properly align with website functionalities.

Add Email accounts to New Server

After shifting all the necessary files into the current system, the next step is to add email accounts to the new server before switching the DNS. New web hosting providers generate login details that can be used to set up email accounts into new servers. Below is the quick and safe shifting of mail in three different hosting scenarios:-

  • Email currently hosted on domain registrar: Change the @ record and allocate it to the new hosts' IP address.

  • Email accounts hosted with the third party: Ensure all the necessary MX (mail exchanger) records are properly backed up and updated into the new DNS.

  • Email accounts hosted with previous web host: In this case, businesses can easily switch and recreate their existing email accounts with the new web hosting provider. 

Move Domain Name

This particular step is optional and works only when the domain name is registered with current web hosting providers. Moving DNS is considered an important step to ensure that the visitors are directed to the website easily without encountering any error or misdirect. 

Final Check

After completing all the necessary steps and moving the DNS records, it's time to double check that all the crucial database and email accounts are safely moved and backed up before switching the web hosting provider. It is the right time to detect any corrupted files and database before it gets uploaded to the new host and starts creating problems. 

Switching to a new web hosting provider is definitely a strenuous task, but taking necessary safety measures and following the above-mentioned steps before shifting can certainly streamline the complexities. 

It is important to find a suitable web hosting provider that can cater to the diverse business requirements and offer packages accordingly. And, following the right steps to switch from current providers to the next web hosting provider can minimize the downtime and possible inconvenience. 

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