Cloud or Shared: An Ideal Web Hosting Option


Cloud or Shared: An Ideal Web Hosting Option

With every minor advancement in the technical realm, expectations are taking a turn towards productive gains and better supervision. Owing to the growing requirement of technical support, management of documents, intense security, storing data, etc., professionals are searching for a more refined and reliable solution to withstand these corporate glitches. 

During the days of traditional businesses ruled by bookkeeping and log maintaining, it was quite strenuous to acquire complete control over the documents and store data for a longer duration. Such prolonged data management often generated mounting overhead costs for the organizations and initiated the need of a virtual system that offers a more profound solution towards effective work management. 

Web Hosting: A Virtual Alternative For Managing the Tangibles!

What could be a more secure and synchronized place to store data than the web that can provide easy integration and access over a virtual network. For the past few decades, web hosting has transformed the business scenario and offered a promising technology for data management. It offers several opportunities for businesses to conduct hassle-free and secure operations. 

Web hosting has turned out to be a blessing for business operations that involve excessively sensitive data and require regular restoration and backup for the same. There are several web hosting platforms that have become an integral fragment of the growing business realm. Although there are many factors that compel organizations from shifting their proceedings to a virtual platform, majority of businesses have already adopted this technology and are making the best out of it. 

Companies Overwhelmed by the Plethora of Web Hosting Options 

Top rated web hosting companies have provided several plans and schemes for corporates according to their diverse requirements. When encountering the palette of web hosting plans, clients are often befuddled by the range of options, acronyms and configurations. Corresponding to the right server and choosing the appropriate plan can be daunting, but with technical assistance and advice from a top hosting company can simplify the situation to some extent. 

Cloud Hosting 

Cloud hosting has quickly become one of the most popular and promising technologies that have leveraged the possibility to acquire synchronized data management system. A premium web hosting service that bespeaks performance, reliability and scalability, cloud hosting entails collaborating and virtualizing several online servers to share, store and process resources. Companies can store its data on multiple servers rather accommodating all files onto a single server. In return, companies pay a subscription fee according to their purchased plan.  

Shared Hosting

A popular fragment of web hosting services, shared hosting allows the companies to create a physical web server which is further divided among multiple users. Each user can share data and files within a predetermined bandwidth. However, users can also share RAM to acquire more disk space. With proper assistance from top hosting companies, businesses can avail dedicated web servers and acquire additional services like website builders, one-click software installations, marketing credits, etc.

Cloud v/s Shared: Overview

Although shared and cloud both offer web hosting services, there are several differentiating factors with respect to the server arrangements, configurations, and plans that work as a separator for these services. In general, hosting involves creating a space on the company’s hardware. Whether the files are stored on a single server or distributed among a network of multiple servers creates the distinction between shared and cloud-based hosting

Resources: Catering to the Server Requirements

From desktop computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones, web hosting servers acquire limited storage capacity and processing power. Shared hosting providers offer a single server interface for multiple numbers of clients, whereas, cloud hosting takes a different approach by offering multiple server networks. 

Shared hosting is considered as a beginner-friendly hosting service where companies can avail an easy to use control panel, pre-installed software, managing tool, etc., to simplify the data management within a compact bandwidth. 

Cloud hosting also comes with the similar features of the control panel, root access, software installation, and many other managing services. But being a multiple server-based hosting, the storage space offered by the cloud is quite immense that often makes it an ideal preference for huge corporate houses. 

Cost Efficiency: An Imperative Aspect of Web Hosting

Shared and cloud hosting are different when it comes to offering cost-effective services. Not just the tariffs but the entire billing structure differs drastically for both. Cloud hosting is comparatively an expensive option when compared with shared hosting as it offers multiple servers for a single management system and charges according to the pre-designed plans (even for the unutilized services). As the resources are divided among multiple users in shared hosting, plans are devised according to the requirement and payment is further segregated among the users.

Advanced Security: Ensuring Secure Data Management

With accessibility to multiple users, the security of a shared web hosting is based on database and applications, that makes it vulnerable to hackers. Since security breaches are quite common among shared hosting platforms, it is advised to acquire external safety precautions (reliable antiviruses). Cloud hosting on the other hand efficiently deals with rising security issues like illegal invasions, network eavesdropping, side channels attack, etc., by offering a secured architecture for hosting, with detective and preventive solutions. 

Boasting a reliable and extensive web infrastructure and offering a refined palette of features, cloud hosting is a fastest growing web hosting option for businesses, especially conglomerates worldwide. Shared hosting on the other hand, caters to affordability, comfort and accessibility, thereby offering an effective hosting solution to the diverse demands of businesses, especially SMEs. 

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