Dedicated Server Security: Safeguarding Websites from Unpredictable Breaches


Dedicated Server Security: Safeguarding Websites from Unpredictable Breaches

In this highly competitive global marketplace, it is quite strenuous for businesses to leave a trail and acquire a consistent space in the industry, unless they possess a unique identity. Hence, a website helps in creating that virtual identity for companies that eventually assist in reaching the pinnacle of global productivity. 

It is an undeniable fact that websites are a visual portrayal of a company and promote the business 24*7. Websites offer a hassle-free medium for consumers to reach out to the respective products and services within a few clicks. 

The website development domain is not just limited to creating a layout and applying nice themes to make it appealingly acceptable. It requires a separate space and address to reside from where it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. When a web domain stores the website, web hosting makes it accessible via the World Wide Web, and visitors can land on the website by using the respective assigned URLs. 

Plethora of Web Hosting Options!

Majority of organizations worldwide are exploring more reliable and stable places to store their website and manage the proceedings. And finding the best website hosting companies is quite strenuous with respect to the choice of services they offer. 

There are several kinds of web hosting options that cater to the requirements of the business and offer various hosting services. For instance, cloud hosting builds a network comprising of several servers, and shared hosting generates a physical server which is further shared amongst multiple users. 

Dedicated Web Hosting: Ensuring Reliability of Server Resources!

Clients are often overwhelmed by the myriad of web hosting options and profitable plans presented by the leading and best web hosting providers across the globe. For extensive power, control and reliability, dedicated servers are always the right choice to go for. Shared hosting is often taken into consideration for hosting as it offers cost-efficient packages that are further shared among the users. 

With dedicated servers, companies can acquire a separate space for their websites and utilize their server resources. In dedicated hosting service, organizations lease an entire server that is not shared among external users and possess full control over the servers. It is much more flexible and reliable than shared hosting. It depends on the organization to search for the best website hosting companies that can provide customizable hosting packages.  

Take a glimpse of some impressive benefits of acquiring dedicated servers as the ideal web hosting option :-

  • Companies can ensure their confidentiality, as server resources are not shared among any other user.
  • Selecting dedicated servers increases the potentiality of maximum uptime for the website, hence, it boasts enhanced performance.
  • Each server possesses its distinctive IP addresses, unlike in shared hosting where a single IP address is shared among all. 
  • Dedicated servers provide the clients with the flexibility of customizing the server according to the requirement of CPU, RAM, disk space etc.

Importance of Web Security

With the growing incidents of security breaches, companies cannot neglect the safety of their data anymore. Cyber crimes have become a prevalent fragment of this technical era and websites of all sizes and structures are growing more prone to the attacks. 

Although dedicated servers are considered more reliable and secured than any other hosting option, there are some safety measures that a company should take into consideration to ensure the additional security of their dedicated hosting server:-

Strong Password Policy

Uniformity of passwords makes the server vulnerable to hackers, thus, it is highly essential to keep altering the password every now and then. Some of the best web hosting providers set a default password that often increases the risk of unpredictable cyber attacks. Companies can follow the below-given strategies to boost their password security-:

•    Avoid the usage of alphabets or numbers related to personal or professional identity.

•    Increase the usage of lower and upper case letters, symbols and characters.

•    Try to keep the password accessibility to limited people.

SSH Keys

Using SSH (Secure Shell) keys are proven to be beneficial in order to ensure the additional security of the server. SSH keys are basically cryptographic keys that are used to authenticate SSH server, which is often used as an alternative to password-based login. Private and public keys are generated prior to the authentication, and the latter is kept secret by the user. 

As the authentication is completely encrypted, SSH enhances the security structure of dedicated servers and prevents the entry of malicious files into the server. 

Protection from DoS Attack

Often causing the server to encounter failure and driving unnecessary traffic loads, DoS (Denial of Service Attacks) is one of the most evident cyber attacks that occurs when multiple malicious computers are connected to the server. There are several DoS protection plans that add a layer of protection and filters the traffic efficiently, thereby ensuring the legitimacy of the visitors. 


Selecting a quality firewall with respect to the server requirements creates a major difference in ensuring the security of a dedicated server. Firewalls control the resources exposed to the public network and restrict any unnecessary access. Ensuring the incoming and outgoing resources and controlling the access eventually streamlines the security issues swirling around the dedicated server. 

The safety measures and strategies mentioned above are a few of the technical enhancements that companies can apply to improve the security system of their dedicated servers. However, it is essential to recognize the security threats at an early stage and implement the necessary solutions to increase the efficiency of the dedicated servers.

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