About us


We are a reviewing agency striving hard to find the best hosting companies in the world, in a  country and in every locality. Started our journey in 2015 and since then, we have been  successfully reviewing many hosting companies & their performances. We are associated  with Virtuous Reviews LLP which is one of the renowned corporate reviewing segments in the  world. We work with a big team of marketers, analysts, researchers, reviewers and PR  specialists who help us to get the most genuine rankings for the hosting companies.


We work hard and follow a rigorous process to examine hosting companies on the basis of many  factors like quality of services, years of experience, client’s feedback; pricing and many other  relevant grounds. Increasing competition has made the game even tougher, despite of it, we are  proud to help the buyers and guide them to pick from the best hosting companies before they  finalize with an average practitioners.


The main objectives of 10Hosting.com are to help hosting companies and users as well, which  are illustrated below:

Services for hosting companies:

  1. Listing their company in the best hosting company’s directory.
  2. Creating unique company profile page of every company.
  3. Facilitating them to apply for ranking.
  4. Helping them to improve company ranking

Services for our users:

  1. Regularly updating them for the best hosting company in city, state, country and worldwide.
  2. Facilitating them for making direct enquiries with the top hosting companies.
  3. Providing subscription for the daily newsletters for the latest hosting news.

Directory listing counter is continuously increasing, be a part of it to gain the advantages, 1481 Companies are already listed.