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The mission of Yoast is SEO for Everyone. We want to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engines. Our SEO plugin, blog posts, and online courses should enable both large companies as well as small websites to attract the traffic they desire.

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Amy Mattison Toman  |  04 June, 2018

Yoast is an excellent tool, and I'm very glad to offer it to my clients. It really helps get sites in shape without having to know hard coding. It is especially helpful to those who consider themselves non-techs. I've also seen that I write my blog posts differently now that I know what Yoast looks for. Love this plugin!

Isa Aydin  |  04 June, 2018

Thank you Yoast for changing Internet into more legitimate place. I purchased all your plugins and courses and passed them all. In a result I built Twinlight Studios and serve dozens of big clients. Thanks!

Hilary Rowland  |  04 June, 2018

It would be much better if it automatically optimized image alt & title tags, and allowed for custom (or even automatic optimization for) title tags and meta for multi-page posts.

Brendan Dubbels  |  04 June, 2018

I don't know much about SEO, Yoast has helped me a ton by making the changes needed to my articles apparent and simple to implement. It also has a handy readability tool which helps my writing out a ton. It's been really great watching my page steadily climb the google rankings since downloading and implementing Yoast!

Or Olansky  |  04 June, 2018

No live support? Version 7.4.1 ruined all the Open Graph pictures (og:image) for my Woocommerce products. Before 7.4 I had set a picture with the right aspect for all my products, everything was working just great. Now, after 7.4.1 the pictures submitted are the main product picture, the picture set for Facebook in Yoast premium interface is ignored. All my pictures are wrong, and there's no live support. Edit: apparently Yoast decided to cap the resolution of the og:image, even though it was working just great. I was using double the minimum resolution: 2400x1256px instead of 1200x628px. Facebook liked these images just fine, it was all working great for months, but Yoast decided they will not accept images over 2000px after 7.4, and that's not a recommendation! they just force it, just killed a live working website. Now all my pictures are not being submitted as og:image anymore, great!

Emil Herceg  |  04 June, 2018

i have a message We have detected the following issues that affect the SEO of your site. Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines. This is very bad for SEO and should be fixed. i have Yoast installed to help me with SEO and Woocommerce but i am now not shore that was good idea / / how to check if is sonarscope dot hr indexable to search eng. ?

Arvin Gerhard Cortez Angeles  |  04 June, 2018

Yoast has been wonderful ever since, although I find bulk editing a bit hard - you cannot export a csv file to make a bunch of changes to the titles & descriptions. Might be a good feature to add, no? Other than that, is there a configuration I can do to remove all of my titles & descriptions since I've made use of the templates instead?

Gyana Ranjan Swain  |  04 June, 2018

Single star because Yoast News SEO is not what it claims to be.It costs as premium but absolutely no additional value that the free SEO plugin offers. Also, after few days in to activation, the plugin removes the 'multiple keyword' option from the plugin. Wish I get a refund to upgrade to premium.

Ian Thompson  |  04 June, 2018

I love the plugin but get very frustrated when we spend a lot of effort trying to get good SEO when the plugin doesn't analyse the content properly. For example it says "The focus keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the copy" yet it's clearly there. Yoast doesn't assess text elements outside of the immediate Wordpress content area. Many themes use extra editing options to add content and galleries outside of the main wordpress editing area, yet Yoast doesn't assess it correctly. I have tried the premium version and I just didn't see any improvement. Could be a lot better!

Philippe Gadeyne  |  04 June, 2018

Seriously Yoast??? Problems (3) The focus keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the copy. Make sure the topic is clear immediately. Yes it is The keyword density is 0%, which is too low; the focus keyword was found 0 times. No it's not, the keyword appears twice out of 123 words The text contains 126 words. This is far below the recommended minimum of 300 words. Add more content that is relevant for the topic. Improvements (2) The SEO title is wider than the viewable limit. The focus keyword does not appear in the URL for this page. If you decide to rename the URL be sure to check the old URL 301 redirects to the new one! Yes it does

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