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WordStream, a Premier Google Partner, develops online marketing software, provides managed PPC advertising services, and shares online marketing advice through our blog. Founded in 2007, we’ve evolved from being a keyword software tool developer to a destination for online marketing expertise. The WordStream platform lives in the cloud, delivering customer requests on-demand and quickly adapting to changes in the industry with new customer requested features.

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Anastasis Eleftheriou  |  31 May, 2018

Get it the service is great, and they have a fantastic support team. They responsive and knowledgeable, and always are very kind when contacted. They have a great advisory section where they look at your accounts and make suggestions for you to make it more profitable. As complex as where you should add more adds or split adgroups or as simple like where to increase and decrease cpa, adding negative keywords to adgroups, or adding new keywords. They also have their own tracking template that you can add to your site for added conversion tracking. All in all the service is great and I highly recommend it.

Simone Brothers  |  31 May, 2018

I really like WordStream! I like the 20 Minute Work Week the best. It updates every week with the best ways to tweak and update my PPC campaigns. Saves me money every week and shows me how much my decisions have saved in total. This helps solve the problem of wasted money. I've saved thousands of dollars in the last quarter alone. Definitely recommended.

William Cook  |  31 May, 2018

WordStream has been a great system for our company to use, giving us the flexibility to improve our AdWords accounts every week, whether it's spending 15 minutes, or 15 hours.

Loren Foxx  |  31 May, 2018

Works very effectively to help me manage digital ad campaigns, at a reasonable cost. Their onboarding is awesome and their team is extremely helpful.

Adam White  |  31 May, 2018

What an awesome company to work with. If you are having any issues with your adwords account, or just need a guiding hand to show you all the tips and tricks - WordStream is the company to use.

Summer McAnally  |  31 May, 2018

WordStream is like having a personal assistant that you don't have to train and is smarter than you. Makes my work life so much easier!

Angela Fragale  |  31 May, 2018

Having our own dedicated rep to help us manage all things SEO has been incredibly important for our business.

Don Aviado  |  31 May, 2018

It made my work life easier. It is much more convenient generating lead results and optimization was made a lot easier. Now I have a lot of time to work for more.

Jeff Bowe  |  31 May, 2018

Great product. We had the been doing paid online search for about 18 months, and found out within the first week of Wordstream that we were wasting up to 80% of our budget. We are now 80-90% effective, meaning the searches and inquiries we get fit our keywords, so we are definitely seeing a great ROI.

B Smitty  |  31 May, 2018

Any positive reviews on here must have been paid for. One of the worst experiences, if not THE WORST, since starting my agency. If your considering signing and they won’t offer a month to month, no commitment contract, there’s a reason why. Suggestions are all one size fits all. 20 min work week was advising I add keywords and the very next week would advise adding those same keywords as negatives and following week advising to add again. This is NOT data analysis! One specific suggestion from my appointed advisor COST MY CLIENT THOUSANDS of dollars! I LOST MY TOP CLIENT which was 25% of my monthly revenue. It will take months to bounce back from this. Don’t walk, RUN away from this company!

Amber Shepherd  |  31 May, 2018

We have had a pleasant experience with WordStream so far. Our rep David is great and does a great job at trying to understand our industry and the needs we have. It's nice having someone to help us when we don't really have the time or knowledge to do this on our own. Look forward to having our campaigns get better and more effective.

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