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The prime goal of Virtual Tech Ninja is to deliver high-quality Outsourcing Services to its B2B and B2C entities. These services include Virtual Personal Assistant, Back Office Support, Lead Generation Campaign, Data Entry, Customer Support, Product Listing Services, and much more. The potential to deliver such challenging services would have been impossible without having the teams of qualified and skilled professionals, experts, business analysts, strategists, and consultants. It is a matter of respect and pride to have teams of experts, who enabled us to fetch up both onshore and offshore projects from the clients rooted in the UK, UAE, USA, Singapore, Australia, Southeast Asia, and India. We are an ISO certified company with a headcount of over 150 employees. We provide 24 x 7 uninterrupted Virtual Assistant services and solutions to our clients. Our expertise in outsourcing services and knowledge management industry endow us to deliver a wide variety of services to our clients in a way to assist them to accomplish their business objectives effortlessly.



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