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About Usha Tech Solution

USHA TECH SOLUTION (UTS) is a worldwide provider of professional IT services. UTS works with many of the most successful companies in India. We provide complete software/website solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge.



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Comments (7)

Foreverliving  |  09 April, 2018

Hello I'm Ranjit Nikose and I'm a Forever business promoter. I have taken SMO service from Usha Tech Solution...They have taken till bit time but after some time I got tremendous results. so keep rocking Usha Tech SEO team.

Anjali Tiwari  |  09 April, 2018

They offer amazing web designing and development service with an affordable price in Bhopal...If you also want to develop your website or you want to promote your business then, then Usha Tech Solution is the best IT company in Bhopal for you.

Farha Akhtar  |  09 April, 2018

I have joined this company as a fresher, but within 3 months I have learnt so many things, I' m working here as a BDM , It is a very good company with nice office environment. Thanks for your support and guidance " All seniors".

devraj gowda  |  09 April, 2018

Personally i like to be unique from others, coincidentally this firm is unique from the rest of their league. I work here as a BDM, Firm availed me to use my personal instincts to effect my Proffsional growth in the company. Which is very good harmony for an IT firm.

ankita tiwari  |  09 April, 2018

Thanks for giving me a platform to enhance my skills. I have learnt so many new things in SEO. They provide best environment for learning. Seniors are very much supportive. Every person is perfect in their work profession.

farrukh khan  |  09 April, 2018

I'm working here as a senior BDM, I have gained and learnt so many things. Office culture is very much professional. At Usha Tech Solution, we have both private and government projects. Our clients are satisfied with our services, which is the most important thing for any company. I wish them good luck for their future growth!!!

Er. Jitendra Sen  |  09 April, 2018

I want to say that this is the best IT company in Bhopal. I'm working here as a web designer. I have learnt a lots of things in short period of time with help of supportive seniors. The working culture is very nice!!!

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