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The HOTH is an SEO Link Building & Content Company based in St. Petersburg, FL. Our tools have helped power some of the largest SEO agencies in the world.

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Comments (17)

Kakaire  |  05 November, 2018

The hoth is a very good resource for digital marketing trends .I have been able to learn a lot from Thehoth website through blogs and it`s webinars .My best webinar so far is the Cracking the google code .

Allan  |  10 October, 2018

I use Hoth for a host of SEO Services. Some of the best SEO tools in the World, free SEO tools and tips provided..

Jody Royee  |  28 September, 2018

They will help you with everything you need and also teach you how to do it yourself. Great company, Thank you for all the great free information.

David Sanchez  |  17 July, 2018

Extremely knowledgeable, very professional and helpful. Pricing is competitive too! The packages are just what I need for clients and my own companies.

Reza Akhlaghi  |  16 July, 2018

TheHoth is a great SEO company with an easy-to-use dashboard. More importantly, it offers GREAT support through its staff that are kind, friendly, and generous. You will never regret working with TheHoth.

christian morar  |  14 July, 2018

Great seo packages and great delivery to back :) Very happy customer

Derek M  |  13 July, 2018

Great company, a bit pricey though and staff could be a lot more helpful.

Shawn  |  11 July, 2018

I am getting the results that I wanted, and the communication as always been prompt and helpful. I recommend this company.

Joseph Michael  |  09 July, 2018

As a freelance web design and digital marketing consultant The Hoth has been crucial in scaling my clients business and building a good reputation for myself as well. I love how i can define the inputs to build out the core of my strategy, and that the team give me feedback and makes gains for me in areas my research couldn't touch alone. Great work guys.

Cristina Ortega  |  01 June, 2018

I've gone back and forth about leaving this review because I try to only channel positivity but with the amount of money I spent with you guys, I have to say that I'm really disappointed in the overall quality of my links. I will say, you guys were a really nice company to work with and responsive to all of my inquiries - which is rare with SEO companies, and is what inclined me to work with you. I also ordered a press release and was extremely happy with my results. But the results from the 5 pack of 30 DA guest posts I purchased (which was about 6x more expensive than the press release) was SO disappointing. I saw way more juice from the $150 press release than all 5 of my guest posts combined. I monitor all of my backlinks through ahrefs, semrush, seoprofiler, etc. and 2 of the 5 posts you guys did for me I can't even find. To the 3 posts that I can find- I have tons of 30 sec blog comments that I've left that have given me way more juice than those posts did. Like I said, you guys were a really nice company to work with but at the end of the day the value wasn't there and it wasn't worth my investment.

Noon Poopattarakul  |  01 June, 2018

The Hoth mini package is very effective. All backlinks for my four websites are from the Hoth mini and blog comments because I do not have enough time to use other methods. Many keywords of my websites rank in top 10 SERPs. I would recommend the Hoth to those who have no time to build backlinks on your own ;)

Patrick Maki  |  01 June, 2018

Just wanted to say that your service has been proven,consistent and intuitive! Got my swag pack today and that makes The Hoth next level in my book. Thanks for all of your hard work! I'll be back - (Terminator Voice)

Netra R  |  01 June, 2018

so great As a brand director, it is nice to work with a company that does what they say they will do. I have so many other things to keep track of and Hoth understands that. I have been impressed as they take the initiative and effectively get things accomplished.

Catherine Elise Cortez  |  01 June, 2018

I never really review anything but these guys deserve a review. Like in any company, there have been some ups and downs, but service is always amazing. We would be hypocrites to believe we are perfect in our businesses, which is why I chose to rate now that I have sometime with the Hoth and can give a proper review. What matters arent the issues that occur, but what they do to resolve them and make things right again. The Hoth has shown me that they can deliver. Chris Romero is amazing. He has managed everything like a boss and really knows what he's talking about. His response time is quick and he has gone above and beyond to help me with my accounts. Hoth should just make him the boss! Thanks Chris!

Craig Beck  |  01 June, 2018

Spent over $10,000 with them. I was really impressed with them when they first launched. Sadly I think they have got too big, customer service has really gone downhill in the least six months. I have even bought 5/6 private vault listings but honestly, I can't see any real results from the investment. Won't be using them again. Poor value, Does not live up to it's claim

Carolyn Bragg  |  01 June, 2018

I tried to use the free SEO scan. My connection failed twice so The Hoth page decided that I had used my free scan. I looked for an email address so I could notify the tech department and forget about this place. Unfortunately, The Hoth only allows contact via the CHAT. I have worked in Customer Service for many years, and this is one of the Top 5 Deadly Sins for a website! I don’t have time, nor do I want to chat with someone online. By making this the only form of contact, it is basically FORCING people to receive a sales pitch no matter the reason for the contact. I checked Facebook, and the Message button has been disabled, however, in the Facebook header they supply a toll-free phone number, and a support email address. Prospective customers should never be sent on a hunt for a way to provide feedback or request help. I don’t care about the SEO scan very much, but failing to provide an email address—at least—at the bottom of the page (or directions to it). It was not an oversight, it was done with purpose, and that makes me less than impressed with The Hoth! So here is a One-Star review; well deserved.

Jared Ballard  |  01 June, 2018

As a brand director, it is nice to work with a company that does what they say they will do. I have so many other things to keep track of and Hoth understands that. I have been impressed as they take the initiative and effectively get things accomplished. No need to hand hold. They get it done and proactively reach out with reports as I watch their link building efforts skyrocket!

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