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About Strategy Plus

Strategy Plus is a Birmingham based Online Marketing Agency specializing in anything to do with the World Wide Web. We have been designing and developing websites for over a decade and believe in staying one step ahead of the industry due to the rapid development in technology and peoples’ expectations. From an early stage we studied Google’s algorithms to understand how we can best get our clients to the top of the search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is now a massively competitive market and we believe in providing good honest transparent SEO for all.



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Comments (2)

Anthony Arnold  |  12 April, 2018

Worked with Dan now for over 3 years,he knows what we need inside out for our business. Great listener and always comes up with the goods. Would recommend this company as 5 starts and great guy. Looking forward to many more years working together. ps While your reading this, if you feel you want to use another local business - Gorilla Water Coolers for great regular service and value for money, Gorilla Water Coolers is your only choice in Birmingham.

William Wong  |  12 April, 2018

We use Strategy Plus for our email marketing - quick turnaround times, for high quality work at a reasonable cost. Highly recommended. :-)

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