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Search Mavericks was created on our CEO Larry Sheckell’s core principles of providing a ROI-based search marketing service that helps our clients succeed. After being in the internet marketing and SEO industry for over 10 years and seeing first-hand the crummy SEO and internet marketing services that were being peddled upon unknowing business owners, Larry opened the doors Search Mavericks, a company that is dedicated to providing small business and website owners a service that ACTUALLY WORKS to get them more traffic and higher rankings in Google. Since we began Search Mavericks in 2013, we have continued to learn and refine our process as the industry (and search engines) evolves. Along the way we have developed advanced quality control and reporting, continuing education for our staff and a cutting edge content development and marketing team.



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Jason Pratt  |  12 May, 2018

Can't say enough about Larry and his team at Search Mavericks. They always deliver results.

Michel Gagnon  |  12 April, 2018

Many Thanks to Search Mavericks for their Generous SEO Coaching helping our young Digital Agency Cellulaire Marketing Quebec!

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