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About Scott Shorter

At Scott Shorter, your account is not just another number in the machine. We remain committed to: 

  • Regular face to face reviews with dedicated account managers and the company director. 
  • Google guideline compliant white hat practices, low risk penalty free methods. 
  • Transparent reporting; showing improvements against baselines. 
  • Industry leading Australian search strategies.

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Comments (4)

Luke Wood  |  31 May, 2018

Scott Shorter was extremely helpful and professional when I needed direction with our website at work. He pointed us in the right direction and was readily available with great advice. Strongly recommend.

Clay Foster  |  31 May, 2018

Starting a new business is hard work! Especially the getting your name out there part, but with Scott and his team on the case, your guaranteed results. My website looks great, and I love watching it climb through the pages on google. Cheers guys

Steve Chandler  |  31 May, 2018

We have been with Scott Shorter for 4+ years now and never been disappointed The phone constantly rings with new clients.. Your business is in secure friendly professional hands who constantly keeps you all updated with the digital world ... Thanks guys for looking out for us.. Regards Steve Perth Splashbacks

Shaun Mccrae  |  31 May, 2018

Slick and professional team. Highly recommend these guys if you want to use gain a top ranking with Google.

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