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About Quantus Creative

Quantus Creative is led by an experienced managing team of veterans with over eight years of experience in digital marketing and web development. Our philosophy is that integrity, professionalism, and teamwork go a long way, and we have the clients to prove it.

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Annual Turnover
Fulltime Employees
2 to 9
Hourly Pricing
$100 to $149



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Comments (17)

Warren Place Travel  |  27 September, 2017

Jillian and her team at Quantus Creative are the best in Tulsa. Prompt, dependable, knowledgeable, creative. We are very happy with Quantus Creative.

A Google User  |  31 August, 2017

I get first class help and have improved the visits to my website. They have innovative new ideas and are willing to show how to turn them into profits.

A Google User  |  31 August, 2017

The website developers at Quantus completely rebuilt our website and it has resulted in the last 6 months in several orders from overseas that we would have not received. The profit from those orders has more than paid for the cost of the website. We are going to have them amp up our internet marketing for even more growth. We have been in business for 30 years and thought everyone must surely know about us and our product. We were wrong but thanks to Qauntus a few more do now and more will with every click. Thank You Quantus Rick Bentley President Hydra Service, inc

A Google User  |  31 August, 2017

As a customer of Quantus Creative I believe they go the extra mile and want to pass on the thanks and appreciation to their co-workers. We had an employee that lost everything due to a house fire on New Years Eve and they sent to huge boxes of clothes & essentials without hesitation. It really says something about who YOU work with when they wouldn't know James or his family if they were sitting beside them, but they will still go out of their way to help out. KUDOS to Quantis and all the folks that work with you.

Todd Pfeifer  |  31 August, 2017

Quantus has provided us with tools we did not know existed, that have aided our marketing team. They work with us to create solutions tailored to our needs. We initially utilized them for SEO services and have since shifted all hosting and email client services to them and social media. We would recommend Quantus for all of your web and social media marketing needs. Many of which you will find you didn't even know you needed. Todd Pfeifer COO Ebsco Spring Company Inc.

Tammy Green  |  31 August, 2017

Jillian is amazing, we have been with her company for 2 years now and we love our website, we have actually had them do 2 websites for us and they are amazing. They also have been doing our SEO and pay per clicks campaigns also, along with our facebook and other social media sites. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is need of any of the above services.

Lindell Brandon  |  31 August, 2017

Quantus Creative has earned a loyal customer. Jillian was very attentive and listened to our needs. A-1 Appliance Mechanical Service, Inc. will recommend this company for anyone that has a need.

Kevin Burr  |  31 August, 2017

I don't buy anything for my business until I see everyone that has something to offer in that area. I met with many SEO and website companies in town and decided to go with Frank and his staff after doing so. I believe it has been one of the best decisions for my business to date. They are a true partner that brings innovative ideas to the table that has helped our business grow. We routinely discuss strategies and review implementations that have made a big difference to us being seen on the internet. We look forward to working with them on a continuous basis as we are able to grow and implement more marketing strategies that result in more sales. Thanks for everything that you do Quantus Creative!!!

Sam Reece  |  31 August, 2017

Creative is the best description for this company. We use Quantus Creative and are very pleased with the results in traffic and sales. Frank, Danica, Jason, Tony and everyone there are just great people to work with. Thanks to everyone at Quantus Creative for working together to find innovative solutions to fit our needs. Sam - Arctic Restaurant Supply

Lynne Goldstein  |  31 August, 2017

We were in desperate need of an updated website. Peter at Quantus was easy to work with and knowledgeable about how to get us noticed on the web. He really desired to give us the best website possible to get us noticed with new patients as well as provide helpful information for existing patients. I am so excited that our website is now live! Thanks!

Larry James  |  31 August, 2017

Quantus Creative is an invaluable source for marketing in the digital world. Frank Davis and staff developed a fully customized website, specific for my dental practice. I'm impressed and very pleased with the work they've done. Frank was extremely helpful in teaching me what I didn't know, but needed. I truly feel Quantus Creative directed web traffic to my business, resulting in overall growth. Website maintenance and analytics are areas in which I am not that knowledgable. That's why my business relies and recommends Quantus Creative for all of our internet marketing needs.

Paige Culver  |  31 August, 2017

Each person involved in my project was attentive and so very helpful. What was important to me was important to them. They went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with the end result. Even though my website is officially launched, the wonderful team at Quantus Creative still help me with any questions I have. I am one happy customer.

Kim Olstroem  |  31 August, 2017

Quantus is a new partner of ours. From the beginning, we have been impressed with Frank's proven knowledge, leadership and professionalism. He is determined and driven to bring about results that solidify a foundation for a long-term business relationship. We have not been disappointed with his prompt response to each and every area we investigate and evaluate as a potential tool to amplify our presence. We are very optimistic about Frank and the leadership he is providing to his staff at Quantus. Once we've established more history together, we are optimistic that "excellent" will be the quality of our next review reflecting this new partnership, but we can definitely recommend Quantus and Frank Davis.

Carpet Renovations  |  31 August, 2017

If you are in need of social media, website design or search engine optimization then Quantus Creative is the company to choose. Jillian, Frankie, Chris, Trent, and the rest of the Quantus Team has been a pleasure to work with. We now have a high quality, easy to use website that is ranking first page on all our key searches, Thank you Quantus!

Don Chambers  |  31 August, 2017

Very impressed and excited about having Quantus Creative taking care of all our web needs. Definitely learned a lot and the staff is amazing!

Brian Welzbacher  |  31 August, 2017

Extremely knowledgeable about social media marketing and pushes you to be your absolute best.

James Tidwell  |  31 August, 2017

Quantus is GREAT!! Britani has a wealth of knowledge and was able to help me with all my questions. HIGHLY recommend!

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