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About PG Softwares

PG Softwares is a worldwide provider of information technology services established in 1998 at Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India. We are proud to be celebrating our 14 years of experiences in Web business consultancy and Developments.



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rojer clinton  |  23 May, 2018

It take little bit of this and little bit of that to collaborate with an application still PG Softwares successfully completed the project given by me with an affordable price and on time. I would appreciate the responsibilities of each and every staff for understanding the requirements of the project and supported with some creative ideas to make the Android application much better. Thank you team PG Softwares.

Lakshmanan of Flaxseed  |  23 May, 2018

Good company to depend upon. Good service. You can get fast service.

Suresh Prabakaran  |  23 May, 2018

i appreciate PG software's work - affordable price with timely delivery. as expected Thank you

Excel Mechatronics  |  23 May, 2018

Indeed its a great effort and time based one for bringing our website live days before the agreed time. I should appreciate all in Team PG Softwares for this time frame of work. Good Luck to all. - Excel Dubai, UAE

Rajan Ayyasamy  |  23 May, 2018

Reasonable price and completed work on time... Good work PG Team. Regards, Doorstepcbe COIMBATORE

Kombu Foods  |  23 May, 2018

I am really happy with the service offered by PG Software from the coordinator Mr Ragunath. They quoted a competitive price compared with other web designers in the market. Whenever I have a question they answer it at once, they have more than an outstanding customer service. They are professional and responsive. Good knowledge in web design but would like to suggest they should enhance their creative ideas in future web designs. I will recommend "PG Software" to all my friends and clients.

Prakash Purushothaman  |  23 May, 2018

I wanted to start a building maintenance company in Coimbatore after my return from the Gulf . I knew that it s not popular around here though it is common in Gulf and metro cities in India. I wanted to build a website and was looking for some professional companies who could understand this business. I stumbled upon PG Softwares and I went to them without much expectations. In my first sitting with the professional team over there, I knew I had come to the right place. They helped me with the contents and also gave me a fair idea of the target audience. I am really impressed with their professionalism and approach towards their work ethic. Truly a great organization for all kinds of business support services. Hats off to them.

Sreenath Recipes  |  23 May, 2018

The work done by PG Software is very good. Online support by their customer support team is excellent.

navamani s  |  23 May, 2018

I am really happy with your service, it is exceptional, Web Design Enterprise is just great. When I have a question they answer it at once, they have more than an outstanding customer service.

grace richard  |  23 May, 2018

I would really appreciate the work done by PG software's. When I look for a company who can really understand my requirements and develop web design for me, I found this company. PG software's completed my website with affordable price with timely delivery.Thank you Mr. Ragunath and the entire team. Keep Going.

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