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About Ontrix Solutions, Inc

Since our founding in 2003, our client list has included a broad range of companies from start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We strive to understand our customer's’ goals, define audiences, create stories, implement technology, and learn from outcomes. Our work is centered on creating digital experiences that evoke emotion, and the measurable results these emotions create.



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Comments (13)

A Google User  |  12 April, 2018

Best Price For the outmost professional and quick service.Thank you Ontrix Team. My business revenue has almost exceed my goal for this year!

Bitu rout  |  12 April, 2018

i found this comany searching "best internat merketing firm in Los angeles" And they are realy Best one ! Thank you Guys

Christy Thomson  |  12 April, 2018

Friendly staff. Really professional

Denisse Chang  |  12 April, 2018

Love their seo work and seeing great results after paying them for online marketing my restaurant. Business is better with these guys in hand and Nes was really fast at returning my calls.

Clarissa Armendarez  |  12 April, 2018

I had another company in West Los Angeles working on my e-commerce website. The shopping cart pages, more specifically in the check out pages the information filled out was not submitting. I contacted GoDaddy my hosting company to see if they can help me since I could not get a hold of my original website designer. Godaddy could not help me either unless I bought custom programming hours at hourly rate of $100 plus. I asked Godaddy for an exact number of hours it will take to fix the issue, but they couldn't give me an estimate that they could stick too. I did a Google search and found Ontrix. I contacted Ontrix and got an exact estimate of hours to fix my website problem. Fortunately, the error was fixed within 3 or 4 business days and I am back in business. I will consider them for my future business and recommend them highly for anyone with a website that accepts credit card online or have shopping cart website.

sammy lorent  |  12 April, 2018

Being a small business its hard to compete with some of the other guys so I hired this online marketing business to market my brand online. They were really helpful Online Marketing seo. Every time I called I would always speak to a real person. They're always professional I'm really happy with the results I could not ask for more. I'd recommend them if I was looking for an online marketing company. Thanks guys.

D c  |  12 April, 2018

Ontrix really follows through on their promises and gets you higher rankings in the search results! I needed some help reaching more customers and I decided that my company needed a better website and looked for help. I found Ontrix after searching online for a web designer and am very glad I decided to choose them for my website design company. They not only helped me to redesign my website, but they also offered search engine optimization help, which has boosted my website's rankings on Google search after a few months of work.

Suguishi -chan  |  12 April, 2018

My dad needed help on his ebusiness online and these guys realllyyyyyyyy came thru!. It was more than we ever expected as they walk you through each step and show you examples of what they can do. thx guys!

5446thatsmynumbernow  |  12 April, 2018

My photography instructor was looking to expand his business to incorporate an online platform for his business. Ontrix got them up and running in no time flat. I even got a discount on my course for being so helpful to the business!

Jeffrey Medovoy  |  12 April, 2018

I met Nes about 2 years. At that time my website was down and Godaddy was not able to help me. A friend introduced me to Nes. Ontrix helped me gain access to website again and set me up with hosting. After a year they convinced me to redesign my website and get SEO. I'm happy I met Nes. Ontrix really took care of me. Great service and good people.

Todd Trites  |  12 April, 2018

Ontrix designed and built my website. It allows me to be a real business for my clients. My clients use my web site to search properties that are really available in real time(unlike Zillow who's web browser updates periodically).My clients can use the mortgage calculator. It helps them see what they can afford. Small details that ONTRIX has built into my web site that my clients find valuable. I also get nice comments and most importantly referrals. I highly recommend getting a website from ONTRIX. It is like getting a new pair of shoes or new clothes for your company.

Joe Kennedy  |  12 April, 2018

Nes Nasim is a key business partner of mine because of his expert knowledge of digital marketing. New customers find me through Google search engines because of their marketing strategy. It's that simple

Susanna Goltche  |  12 April, 2018

I highly recommend ONTRIX! They are the most kind, patient, and hard working people. I always get great service AND MY FINAL project turned out fantastic. I am very happy and satisfied with my website, NOW. I highly recommend their services for others.

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