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A social media management company with a concentration on increasing sales revenue and ROI. We also handle web design and search engine marketing.

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Ladera Resort  |  31 May, 2018

The team at LYFE were an absolute joy to work with. Very accessible, great with timely communication and overall very enthusiastic about our product. Even though we communicated miles apart, we had this amazing rapport and business relationship which made working with them a wonderful experience!! Keep up the good work guys!

Starr Smith  |  31 May, 2018

We have an ongoing two year relationship with Lyfe Marketing as we have taken advantage of their website design services. The leadership at Lyfe have always made themselves available to us to provide digital marketing recommendations as well. We value them as a trusted resource and look forward to more working projects in the future!

Mel B Cook  |  31 May, 2018

Awesome presentation! Your knowledge and ability to spread valuable information was refreshing. I walked away with several tips on how to expand my audience and tailor my campaigns to my intended demographic.

Jose Ortiz  |  31 May, 2018

LYFE has managed our online content and advertising for over a year. Working with Sean and Hayden is always productive. They are consistent and responsive in their management of our relationship. The content their team creates provides value to its audience while moving leads through our online sales process. Most importantly, the team is dedicated to continuously improving our advertising and developing new marketing strategies. I highly recommend LYFE to manage your social media and online marketing.

Chet Norman  |  31 May, 2018

Terrible at planning and delivering. They spent a week developing content for a client project and what they delivered was shameful. I really could have gone to an elementary student to get the marketing assets they provided. I ended up redoing everything and asked they place it. After haggling with them you do their job, they finally placed the ads. They missed deadlines and promised without delivering. They were quick to collect and slow to deliver. If you like overpaying, "LYE" marketing is for you.

Guy Pelullo  |  31 May, 2018

We have received tremendous results with LYFE Marketing. The team is highly responsive and engaged and has driven great traffic and client engagement.

Fitz Tek  |  31 May, 2018

Social media is always a hustler, but Sean (owner) & Anthony with their website & social media team will take goid care of you. Awesome group of people. Thank you for treating me with respect & allow me to meet my team face yo face.

Michael Kilcullen  |  31 May, 2018

LYFE was awesome to work with! Sean and his team are passionate about delivering real results, not just spinning numbers and promising results down the line (although it does take a little bit of time to get going). Would highly recommend to any business looking to take their marketing to the next level with an agency that cares and always picks up the phone.

Tom Cramer  |  31 May, 2018

I've worked with Sherman Stanberry, one of the principals, to get started and then Brandi regarding my campaign on Linkedin and Facebook. They provided me a turnkey solution for social media advertising with 1) analysis of my company, 2) creative ideas for ads, 3) recommendations, 4) ad placement and 5) ad reports and management. They've done a great job and at the best price I've been able to find.

Heather Hooke  |  31 May, 2018

I highly recommend this company for your marketing, social media, web/online needs. I have been extremely pleased with this company’s professionalism, their team’s genuine care for my brand/attention to detail, clear communication & my RESULTS! What I’ve liked best is that from day-one (filling out the form with my brand details and our introduction phone call) the professionalism, organization, clear communication, follow through, as well as flexibility to meet my brand’s needs and communication preferences. This has allowed my team and I to be as efficient as possible, drive major growth and results, while taking work off my end - which is exactly what I wanted when hiring them!

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