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About Lentrax Translation Services

At Lentrax, our service offerings have always evolved to meeting the ever-changing needs of our global clients. Our account management staff comprises industry specialists with the in-depth knowledge of their sectors needed to create customized solutions for global business.



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Sikander Azam  |  26 April, 2019

My Friend suggested me to try the services of lentrax translation services. He always took help in legal translation from lentrax translation services and admire alot about the professionalism. My experience with LENTRAX Translations couldn't have been more positive. They really care about the needs of their customers. I had a few medical papers to be translated urgently from English into Arabic and they managed to send me the translation in a very, very short time and at a reasonable price. I do certainly recommend Lentrax Translations!

Farah Hina  |  26 April, 2019

I used Lentrax Translation service and am happy with it, they where quick and understand, they communicate with me all the way. I was having difficulty with the email they send me and I call them up they answer the phone straight away and talk me through it. When my document was ready they send me a copy via email and by the next day the original was at my house. This service was immaculate.

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