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KWSM exists to help great companies make genuine connections with their customers. We believe good business starts with strong relationships, and the best way to build them is by sharing your story.



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Comments (8)

Carole Spears  |  23 May, 2018

I really enjoyed listening to your social media seminar. Hope to listen to you speak again sometime.

La Vonne  |  23 May, 2018

Katie and her team are professional, warm and very efficient! I have learned so much through her team.

Katrina Shephard  |  23 May, 2018

Amazing and worth every penny! Katie is professional and organized and cute!

Stephanie Paul  |  23 May, 2018

Want to raise your profile in social media talk with the experts and Katie Wagner Social Media!!

Steve Rennie  |  23 May, 2018

Katie has worked with myself and our team for the past year. It has been great to learn about developing a social presence and also how to package and create awareness and branding to create engagement on specific initiatives as well as for Hammerhouse as a business.

Martha Szufnarowski  |  23 May, 2018

The Social Media Boot Camp by Katie and her team was the best training I've ever attended. The information was well-organized and presented clearly. I received practical advice on how to manage each of my social media channels with follow-up training guides and on-going support from the team through the KWSM Social Media Help Desk and Facebook Group. The best components for me were the easy-to-follow check lists for each marketing task and the time-management guidelines. I feel very confident that I can use this information daily and increase my productivity as well as my outreach to current and potential clients. The biggest surprise for me? I actually ENJOYED attending the seminars!! Katie's presentation style is engaging and the energy of the creative team was inspiring. It is very clear that KWSM knows their stuff and knows how to share it well with others. I will definitely continue to work with them in the future and highly recommend them.

Robert Diemer  |  23 May, 2018

It is my great pleasure to recommend Katie Wagner and her Company, Katie Wagner Social Media, Inc. I have been privileged to witness the incredible work and growth of KWSM almost from its inception. In addition, I have personally observed the savvy and diligence with which Katie and her team serve their clients managing social media content. From the beginning in 2010 Katie has provided exceptional service to KWSM clients exercising her 15 years of journalistic expertise. Now Katie ably provides leadership to a full-time staff of over a dozen journalists that manage social media reputations and content for local, national, and international clients. KWSM journalist culture is unique in the social media industry. Rather than tech-heads, KWSM clients get their story told engagingly and credibly to specific target audiences. In the thick of it is Katie ensuring that her client’s vision and message are effectively communicated. In my book there’s nothing comparable to Katie Wagner Social Media. Katie and her team are the “go to” referral for all my clients with social media management needs, Robert Diemer CPA MBA the Robert Diemer Group PC

Pam Capone  |  23 May, 2018

Algorithm and Blues I’m wrapping up a six-month contract with a social media management firm. I’d love to have them longer, if I could. Katie Wagner Social Media has been managing my social media channels (author FB page, Twitter and Instagram) ramping up to impress publishers for my new book. Publishers want big numbers, socially. They want to know what kind of following you’ve got. So, huge shout-out to them and specifically my girl, Kaley Haliburton. I also took a social media bootcamp with them and learned lots. If anyone is interested in social media marketing for their business, hit them up for the next one. You won’t be sorry. Now that my time is up with KWSM, I need to implement all the good things I’ve learned over the months. One of these goals is to “beat the algorithm.” It’s science, people! Learn about it! One of the most interesting things I learned in class was that most of your friends never see your stuff. From my experience based on what I see in my feed, I think most people don’t know that. I know this because of that post people tend to do. The copied and pasted post that basically says, “This is a test to see how many of my friends love me and read my posts all the way through…if so, comment below…I know most people won’t, yada yada.” First of all, cynical much? Second, insecure much? Third and most important, most of your friends never see that post. So you’re sad for nothing. A small percentage of your friends see your stuff in their feed. Say you have 1,500 friends, Facebook decides which 300 (I think that’s the number, don’t quote me) get to see you and all your awesome insight. That’s it. There are ways to work the algorithm, maybe even beat it if you’re really good. But you’ve gotta learn that science. There’s a lesson in this…I just know it. Maybe a few. If I’m open to learn.

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