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About Hemera

Established in 2007, Hemera is a professional search engine optimization and website development company. We provide amazing support, from conception to completion of your project and beyond. Our passionate SEO professionals, website developers, published writers and award winning graphic artists will help you realize your website’s potential and achieve the outcomes you desire.

Important details about Hemera

Annual Turnover
$1,000,000 to $9,999,999
Fulltime Employees
10 to 49
$1,000,000 to $9,999,999
Hourly Pricing
$50 to $99



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Comments (12)

Haley  |  21 April, 2019

Working with Hemera was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my business!

Robert Sorenson  |  28 December, 2018

We worked hand-in-hand with Hemera's design professionals to create a website that reflects our business very well. The SEO took off right away, we were able to see an improvement the 1st week of the campaign, just as they said we would. And we are now at the top of google in our area for a number of keywords used in the queries to find our services. It's been a very positive experience and we recommend Hemera for both design and SEO. Robert Sorenson

Eli Wencl  |  05 October, 2018

Hemera has done an outstanding job for me when it comes to their SEO abilities. Their professionalism and promptness is 1st class. All questions and concerns where addressed in a timely manner. The websites vision and goals was discussed and followed to the letter and the graphics and styling are amazing. The technical support though out the sites development has been of great benefit. I highly recommend Hemera to any company looking for top notch SEO development. 5gcellular.com thanks Hemera very much for all they have done to bring this amazing site to life. They get 5 stars from me!

Michael Wright  |  24 August, 2018

Did a good job, results fairly fast, good ROI. We are a contract manufacturer in PA, Hemera optimized 2 sites for us and a colleague's pizza shop, all went well. Michael Wright

Sarah Mork  |  18 August, 2018

Hemera knows their SEO, that's for sure. Our site started to rise in the ranking in the 1st week. And we saw additional sales almost as quick. But best of all is the service, they always answered any questions I had promptly and was easy to contact even in the evening. We are a small company with a limited budget but they made it work for us. I recommend Hemera to any company looking for SEO services. Sarah

Diana Ziman  |  17 August, 2018

l chose to work with Hemera because l felt like I was a small fish in a big pond and Hemera made it clear it doesn’t matter how big you are or how much money you throw at SEO, what matters is your sites optimization. And unlike other SEO companies they showed us examples of their optimization, a small freight companies website they optimized and where it comes up now in a google search, they are ranking above huge companies like UPS and FedEx. Needless to say, that put us at ease, it is VERY impressive.

Adrianne Wellman  |  17 August, 2018

I have nothing but good things to say about Hemera. From the first moment I talked to them, their service and SEO knowledge was apparent. I initially came in for a web design quote, but after chatting for over an hour, I decided to go "all-in"! It's actually kind of convenient to have one agency handle all of our PPC and SEO needs, so it was nice to find out they pretty much do everything when it comes to digital advertising on the internet. I don't always write good reviews, but Hemera definitely deserves 5-stars, as if they didn't have enough already! Adrianne

Karin  |  17 August, 2018

I hired Hemera to take care of my SEO and other online marketing after I found out it's a time-consuming task and also very complicated. We started by conducting an in-depth analysis of our website and current SEO position. We looked at goals and timelines and later on we reviewed a detailed plan. In the first month I could see that my site was getting more attention from search engines. In the second month, sales increased in comparison to the prior year, and they have continued to increase to this day. Thanks to Hemera I was able to achieve my goals, and I would recommend their services to anyone who is a business owner. Karen

Jennifer Ownes  |  03 July, 2018

We are a small business and we have a limited marketing budget but Hemera was able to make it affordable for us and we're so grateful they did. The SEO has been, and still is, very effective, we have more than doubled our revenue and continue to see improvement in our SEO every week. Hemera is different than other companies in their guarantee and in making SEO more understandable and easy to see the improvments stats anytime. And the service has been top notch too, very fast responses and very professional. We recommend Hemera to any business looking for great results and service. -Jennifer Owens

Danielle Anderson  |  01 July, 2018

We are very happy with the SEO services we received from Hemera. We are particularly impressed with the professional writers they have on staff. Writing content for sales copy and SEO isn’t something we wanted to try. Our website design was a combination of a professional look but at the same time very inviting and modern. Overall Hemera really delivered, we finally have the website we’ve wanted for years. Well worth the investment. Danielle Anderson Business Owner

Sarah Mork  |  14 June, 2018

Outstanding PPC and SEO results plus a beautiful new website. Hemera is very good at what they do. We experience an increase in revenue right away. And they were very easy to get a hold of when I called, it's a great company.

Erick Whitten  |  25 May, 2018

Hemera did exactly what they said, we start our way to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo the first week and it didn't stop until we were at the top. The best marking investment we ever made. Great customer service too. I recommend Hemera to any company looking for effective SEO.

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