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Groupk Technologies is India-based information Technology Company and we deliver best quality, cost effective, reliable result-oriented web and e-commerce solutions on time for our global clients. Our professionalism, skill and expertise are the methods we use to make the web work for your organisation bringing in maximum ROI in shortest possible time.



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Naina Verma  |  12 April, 2018

Beware from this company and fraudsters behind it. Owners don't know how to treat the staff members. Sandeep, director of the company, thinks he can keep the last month salary of his employees and can run the company like he's doing. One of the biggest frauds in the city running an advertisement company and threatens people and employees to screw as he has media connections. This man has no sense of business responsibility to be a professional boss in a company and doesn't know how to treat employees. His greed has made him some good fortune, as he happily keeps last month salary of employees even if they resign and serve notice period. He only thinks how to screw his employees. Moreover, he's such a coward that when he fails to perform his business responsibilities for his clients; he hands over the calls to his staff and tells them to talk on his behalf. Please don't go to him for your digital business marketing and don't really waste your time in his company working and thinking to build a career for you. You will repent soon as a lot of clients and employees have already been.

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