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Working with Green Dot, clients can steer the entire brand experience for every touchpoint with one agency. That’s because we offer a wide array of creative services from graphic design, photography, video production and website development, to a suite of advertising services including digital marketing, content marketing and mass media campaigns.

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Oscar Tenorio  |  31 May, 2018

This guys manage all my marketing, from print media, online, website development, you name it and they have been great. Very satisfied with the job they do. Personalized service tailored to my specific needs.

Lauren Rosenfarb  |  31 May, 2018

Green Dot did a beautiful job with our Web site redesign. They weeded through all of the content on our previous site (and there was a lot of it!) and created a new structure and navigation system that was intuitive and user friendly. The new graphics on the site are fresh and clean. Green Dot also created our most successful marketing piece when we first began working with them several years ago. I recommend the Green Dot team for any company looking for an innovative and creative marketing firm.

Jordan Alfonso  |  31 May, 2018

Refused to do business because the owner of our company is Russian. Way to go Mario Behr, as if we needed anymore racism in this country.

Jennie Lopez  |  31 May, 2018

I love working with Green Dot Advertising. They are professional and easy to work with, not to mention extremely creative! I have been working with them for years and I bring them with me as my agency of choice everywhere I go. Their work is top quality, brand driven and market savvy. As a team, they are customer service oriented, eager to please, good listeners and honest people. They have created work that I am proud to display and they never cease to amaze me with their endless supply of fresh new handcrafted concepts.

Vanna Belt  |  31 May, 2018

Mario and his team at Greendot do a wonderful job, they have been working with my brand for a couple of years and we are very satisfied with the quality of work that they accomplish. They help us out with graphic designing, facebook posts, email marketing and they just did a spectacular job with a photo/video shoot in which they did all the creative directing and content creation. Definitely a GREAT choice for advertising and marketing.

Jennifer Quinn  |  31 May, 2018

We've worked with Green Dot for several years and they were pivotal in building our website that is strategic, contemporary and beautiful. The owner and his team are up-to-date with new technology and the most efficient programs to use for retaining customers. Even though we have an internal branding team, we always welcome additional advice from Green Dot, due to their unique and specialized perspective in brand awareness..

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