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As the first New Orleans marketing agency to start a social media department, and as an agency that focuses exclusively on online marketing, FSC has continued to guide clients through the advancing technology and tactics of social media, paid search, SEO and content marketing.



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Burke Ingraffia  |  31 August, 2017

A great company of trustworthy and smart media and marketing professionals.

MaeMe Bridal  |  31 August, 2017

FSC was wonderful to work with! The staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their services.

NOLA Couture  |  31 August, 2017

We loved working with everyone at FSC! Through their Empowerment Program, they helped us grow our social media presence exponentially in only a few short months. They also stayed with us every step of the way to answer all our questions, big and small. We definitely recommend FSC to anyone interested in creating an online presence with an impact!

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