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About Flexe Shopping Cart

Flexe Shopping Cart provides leading ecommerce software for seamless integration into existing website or new website builds. Designed by BlueSoap’s team of specialist web developers, Flexe Shopping Cart was created with the aim of building top-level ecommerce software at an affordable price that enables small and medium enterprises to compete online. It has been specifically developed to quickly and easily create online stores for websites, removing the need for extensive redesign and redevelopment.

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Comments (5)

Joel De Sá  |  04 June, 2018

Love working with these people and it's a great #ecommerce software

Anna Sky  |  04 June, 2018

Wow. Getting our online store launched was painless. Actually... fun! A special thanks to the amazing team at flexe. They really delivered on their promises.

Silva Mame  |  04 June, 2018

I LOVE MY NEW ONLINE STORE! The team at Flexe have been so patient and attentive with the store setup for my business and I have already sold almost as much in one month as I did in the last year with my previous site. Finally I am on track and could not be happier. THANK YOU!!!

Sharon Nimmo  |  04 June, 2018

Thanks for helping us so much with our website. We have more traffic now than ever before! Love it!

Tim Warren  |  04 June, 2018

The new website of Flex-e Shopping Cart was launched on 1 November, 2012. The site has been launched as a bilingual website, in English and Portuguese in anticipation of our expansion into the exploding Brazilian market. The launch of the new website, offers quick and easy access to essential information about e-commerce software and how to run an online store. This is part of Flex-e Shopping Carts ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to our customers worldwide. The new website boasts a modern, colourful, quirky design. Each page provides detailed information on all aspects of opening an online store using BlueSoap's popular e-commerce solution. Increased popularity of this software is in part due to the very personalised customer service that subscribers receive. Please have a look at the site and provide us with any feedback you feel could enhance our visitors' experience.

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