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About FirstFound

It’s hard to believe how things have evolved over the past 17 years since FirstFound was started by Ivan and myself. Back in 2000 the digital market was very different and most businesses were sceptical about the importance of the internet to help drive revenue. Armed with phones, computers, the internet and a small office in Manchester it wasn’t long before we started to help businesses see the potential and start getting results online.



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Comments (10)

Handyman Max  |  03 December, 2018

This company calls me but hangs up when i answer. My number is registered with TPS. Nuisance.??????????

AandR Emb  |  03 December, 2018

Keep calling for the business owner. Put the phone down on me as I tried to explain they have the wrong name. Stop it with your cold calling.

Richard Curtis  |  03 December, 2018

Excellent company. Great communication. Google ranking climbing. Thoroughly recommend as an SEO company.

Barry Mann  |  03 December, 2018

This company cannot even get their own website correct .

Simon Jack  |  03 December, 2018

We've dealt with Firstfound in the past on our old website and they have been nothing but helpful and professional. Excellent service and pricing. For this reason we have rejoined with our new site and look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership.

Jenni Wierchowicz  |  03 December, 2018

This company calls me but hangs up when i answer. My number is registered with TPS. Nuisance.

Aidan Hancock  |  03 December, 2018

Pester you and won't stop calling. Almost impossible to hear them on the phone because they're so quiet and surrounded by so much office/callcenter noise.

SALLEM ABDELLI  |  03 December, 2018

Very poor service. I spent with first found nearly a year and a half. I did all what they asked me to do. But I haven’t received a single job through my website, wich is still somwhere you can’t even see as a customer on google. What a waist of time, money and effort.

David Craigie  |  03 December, 2018

FirstFound have built and developed a great website for us. Chris Stott and his team worked through all our requirements and came up with solutions to problems as they arose. Together we achieved just what we wanted at a reasonable cost.

pippa brown  |  03 December, 2018

I have received a fantastic service so far with First Found, I am so glad I chose to go with them. Prices are very competitive and do the same as other competitors who charge so much more. In four short weeks my website has gone from not being seen on Google at all to the second page already and this will only get better. From first point of contact the guys at First found have been so helpful. I am kept in the loop regularly about what is being done to my website which is so helpful. Highly recommend :) Thank you

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