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We consult, analyze, and design user experiences that exemplify your business requirements, user needs, and industry demands. We also perform implementation, focusing on system and information architecture, usability and programming, all with an eye to achieving better business outcomes.

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Joe Kotler  |  04 June, 2018

Enginess did a great job launching our new website on their Advantage CSP platform. Unlike other content management systems, theirs allowed us complete freedom in the design and look-and-feel of the new site. this was important to us …More

Jonathan D  |  04 June, 2018

Enginess has been great in innovating what we did manually into a digital format. The return on investment in their technology has been significant with reduced employee time, less system bottlenecks and improved user experience.

Paul Ratchford  |  04 June, 2018

Enginess is a great partner. No matter what technical challenges we throw at them the results are always better than expected. Very thorough and efficient.

Marketing iDirectGov  |  04 June, 2018

Enginess has been a pleasure to work with as they've updated our corporate website's look and feel, and their customer support continues to be nothing but stellar. Any time we reach out to them for assistance, regardless of how big or small the task may be, they always respond in a timely manner and fix the issue at hand.

Charlie Bryer  |  04 June, 2018

Once my website was up and running this year - really got things rolling for my new business. Very personable staff and approachable. Definitely a huge help for me - things wouldn't run the same otherwise.

Shane Silver  |  04 June, 2018

I have worked with Enginess (Formerly Moveable Online) for the last 5 years on multiple projects that have spanned business analysis, website and app creation, database mapping, technology consulting and project management. I have found Enginess to be an excellent partner who consistently has my company's best interests in mind. Their customer service is exceptional and their solutions are creative, while being realistic about what will work best in our environment. Over the years Enginess has helped me assimilate multiple databases, resulting in organization-wide efficiencies and improved customer reach, designed and launched interactive websites that reached thousands of Canadians, and provided the foundation to create game-changing digital / technology strategic plans.

Klaus Uhlig  |  04 June, 2018

I’ve been a fan of this team’s product offering and their professionalism for more than 15 years. My office does needs analysis, strategic thinking, creative, design and messaging, project management. Our work ranges from local day-care to international renewable energy and power producers. We keep close to our knitting, so outsource a lot. We hire experts to do what we don’t. The folks at Enginess know their place in the partnership really well. No matter the client, their approach to our website work is consistent and their understanding of expectations clearly articulated. The team is thorough, and purpose driven, thoughtful, deliberate. Their business logic and strategy exceptional. We push the message, look-and-feel, while they push their Advantage CSP platform to ensure our collective efforts deliver the optimal digital solution to the client. Thanks for making us look good!

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