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E Marketing Hub is a privately owned marketing firm founded in response to a demand by clients for a more effective, personal, and results driven marketing approach. We are using our rapidly growing success to build a strong client portfolio and are gearing up to expand into new markets.

  We provide a combination of skill and experience that makes us your perfect choice for Internet Marketing. We used a professional approach even before the World Wide Web existed and we brought that professionalism with us to this field. This means that we will work with you in a professional and transparent manner. We will not make outlandish promises that cannot be achieved. We will give you a detailed business plan at the onset of our business relationship and regular status updates.



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Liran Rosenfeld  |  12 April, 2018

Stay away from this company. It is a scam. I have paid $1000 to Edo for SEO. He took the money and never did anything. Never showed me anything never lifted a finger. He was very aggressive me when he wanted me as a client but after I signed and paid I never heard back from him. 7 months later and I still cant get my money back, I am going to report this company to the authorities, and make sure other people don't fall for the same trick.

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