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About Elite Web STL

Elite Web Stl is a website marketing and search engine optimization (seo) company located in St. Louis Mo.  We design and build quality, content rich websites for businesses, non-profits and professionals. We believe websites are the best, most affordable, yet underused marketing tool for small businesses today.  We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the most recent trends and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods to ensure you reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website. We integrate beautiful, clean graphical design elements into websites with leading website marketing strategies to help convert casual visitors into loyal.

Our goal is to help your company grow its online presence and tap into a wealth of potential customers.



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Sean Branham  |  03 December, 2018

Initially, I researched companies to build a new website for me and chose 3 to interview. Two of the companies were large companies with many employees and a high price to build a website and the interviews were very impersonal. It felt like I was just a number. The third company was Elite Web StL. I met with Rick Eckert, and I could tell from talking to him that he took a personal interest in what I wanted. I then looked at other websites built by Elite Web StL and called the owners of those companies to see how happy they were, not only with their websites, but also with support, follow up and S.E.O. Everyone I talked to, had nothing but great things to say about Elite. To me, it seemed too good to be true. Rick was going to pull the information from my existing website, tweak it and make it much more visually appealing, user friendly, and formatted for mobile; increasing our internet presence for a fraction of the price of those other companies. I was skeptical, but he asked for no money up front. I had nothing to lose. Rick started to build the website and as it came together, we were very pleased with the end product. I then asked about increasing our S.E.O. and improving our page placement. Rick offered me options, but never a hard sell. I was again very skeptical, expecting to pay a lot of money every month and get very little for my money with no way of knowing if they were going to actually put the time in to work on the things that they promise. The first month we got a call from Matt McClelland (one of Elite's employees) who said he wanted to come by our office for 30 minutes to an hour, to help us improve our page rankings when people search for us on the web. Matt worked in my office for almost 4 hours! He also went over our rankings and how they had improved in just one month. I only pay for 3 hours of follow up each month, and I know he put in at least twice that amount of time the first month. Matt was very personable; he sat down with me and asked a lot of questions to find out about my business, to help him understand how he could help my business grow. It appeared that Rick was the technical expert on building the website and Matt came in behind him, to provide the personal touch and support to make my website perform like they promised. Rick and Matt are an awesome 1,2 punch. They continue to improve and exceed my expectations. I would recommend Elite Web StL to anyone looking to build a website and attract more business from the web. In a world of zero customer service and dry impersonal business to business relationships, Elite Web StL stands out above the rest. Customer Service is NOT DEAD!!

Allison Hile  |  03 December, 2018

Elite Web STL has been extremely helpful in building our new website. The web development process went very smoothly. They were very responsive to our needs, provided prompt service, and stayed within the bid they gave us. Rick has the ability to explain the web development process and explained the initial site SEO in terms we could understand. We look forward to using them for our internet marketing services in the future.

Mark Waters  |  03 December, 2018

Elite Web STL is an awesome company to partner up with for SEO. On all of our builds, Rick has come in on time and on budget. He also has the ability to explain what he is seeing in search trends and can incorporate those into future website improvements. As the founder of Waters & Associates Realty, we are absolutely thrilled with the work Rick has done for us in a very competitive search environment, and look forward to working with Elite Web STL for many years to come.

Steve J  |  03 December, 2018

Elite Web STL is the best Website Design and SEO company in St. Louis! We used to have a basic site that did not represent our business very well. Now, with the help of Elite Web STL we have a great looking website and a support team to help us! The last web company we worked with built our site and we never heard from them again. With Elite, we are in constant contact with our site manager, Rick. Any questions or concerns are immediately addressed. Elite has a HUGE range of web services. Anything from a new site build to personalized lead generation, they are a one stop shop when it comes to your online presence. In today's business world you need a great looking site that works and is easy to navigate. Rick worked with us all along the way and made sure we were comfortable with the direction and design of the site. I can not say enough good things about this company, keep it up!

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