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About Cynexis Media

Cynexis Media is a digital marketing firm that specializes in brand & identity, custom applications, web design, iOS development, and SEO. Cynexis LLC is the bridge between your ideas and your business’s success in the digital world. With backgrounds in business, our web designers, online marketers, and application developers combine design ideas and execution strategies to build solutions that lead to a favorable return on your investment. We have the proven track record necessary in digital marketing, website design, brand and identity, and custom applications to build a successful online presence for businesses of all sizes. Your Cynexis engineered website and web applications stand out among your industry peers with an interactive, intuitive and creative interface. With our designs and programming, we creating marketing solutions to increase your business outreach in a fashion you cna measure it.

Important details about Cynexis Media

Annual Turnover
$200,000 to $999,999
Fulltime Employees
10 to 49
$50,000 to $199,999
Hourly Pricing
$25 to $49

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Trinity Homes

Trinity Homes   |     |   15 September, 2017

Project summary:

I greatly enjoyed working with Jason Howard and his team at Cynexis. Our company’s websites were old and tired and needed a fresh look! Cynexis gave recommendations for what they thought would work best for our website design and development and made sure that our company’s vision was being portrayed. The final product turned out PERFECT! We were so satisfied we decided to have Cynexis handle our internet marketing as well. I appreciate Cynexis’ commitment to great customer service by being available to answer any questions we still may have. Thanks again for making the Trinity and Homewood Homes vision come to life. It was truly a pleasure to work with your team!

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Comments (1)

Melissa Smith  |  07 July, 2017

I owe much of the success of our new business, Lucidaré Studio, to Cynexis Media. If it wasn't for the dedication and knowledge of the Cynexis SEO Team our phone would not be ringing nearly as steadily. Within a few months our business' google ranking went from 10th place to 3rd and 4th in google keyword searches. Their web designers are very skillful and continuously educated on the latest requirements, techniques and on-trend designs, and knew exact how to execute our vision for our website. Cynexis' social media managers have eliminated the stress of daily postings to all of our social media accounts so that we can focus on delivering product to our clients and completing all other responsibilities as a small business owner. Overall I would highly recommend Cynexis Media to any business owner for all aspects of digital marketing, SEO, design and software development.

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