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Cartoozo is a leading Internet Marketing & SEO Agency specialising in all kinds of Internet Marketing activities. We serve a varied and broad clientele globally with our world class internet marketing services which includes Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce and mobile solutions. We help businesses to make the most from the Internet. Whether you want to attract more customers to your website, build your online reputation or generate more sales, our team can help build your business and set you above your competitors. Cartoozo is an industry leader among all the search engine optimisation (SEO) companies and has also been ranked the number 1 search engine optimisation company and pay per click management Company in UK. 

At Cartoozo, we have a large base of happy clients and companies all around the globe who come back to us again and again. That’s because we recognise that every company is unique and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to your business needs. We tailor our SEO and internet marketing strategy to serve the best interest of our client after studying various factors like the field of operation, targeted location and audience, expected ROIs and many more. Because you are the experts, we work closely with our clients to make sure that our internet marketing and search engine optimisation solutions reflects all their companies are trying to achieve. Our transparent working policy that means you’ll be involved in every step of our decision making. We’ll also make sure you’re kept up-to-date with how your website, advertising campaign or e-commerce platform is performing, so that you can make informed choices about what’s best for your business. 

We will always try our best to ensure: 1. You get the best possible customer service 2. You get dedicated technical support 3. You get experts with superior in house knowledge 4. You get affordable rates on all our packages We are a top rated Internet Marketing agency and SEO company with over 9 years experience in Internet Marketing. We believe we are the best SEO Company and at the same time we are top rated on multiple independent websites including TOPSEOs, SEM Firms, 10SEOs, Clutch and many more. We also have over 100+ reviews across various independent websites. Over the years we have proved that we are second to none as far as Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click and other Internet Marketing services are concerned. We live and breathe digital marketing and we specialise in strategies that deliver the highest return on investment for your business. We like to work with our partners so you literally have an extra member of your team on board with you to advise, implement and analyse whatever you require.

Important details about CARTOOZO

Annual Turnover
$1,000,000 to $9,999,999
Fulltime Employees
10 to 49
Hourly Pricing
$25 to $49



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Comments (41)

Ted  |  25 February, 2019

Very good work from Cartoozo. They have worked hard and really delivered great results.

Aleem  |  21 February, 2019

Cartoozo manage our PPC campaign for us, and since we gave it to them in 2016, we have seen improvements month on month in terms of our conversions. Our cost per click is constantly going down and we are seeing lower conversions and more of them too.

Erina  |  21 February, 2019

Cartoozo manage our sponsored advertising campaigns and since picking them to work with, they have improved the ROI by 4 fold. We are thrilled with their work and we will continue to work with them.

Bahadur Aly  |  21 February, 2019

We find them very easy to work with, very transparent with their approach and most importantly, they are getting results where others failed. This is definitely a company that we intend to use for the long term of our company.

Bahadur Aly  |  21 February, 2019

We find them very easy to work with, very transparent with their approach and most importantly, they are getting results where others failed. This is definitely a company that we intend to use for the long term of our company.

Kate Popova  |  21 February, 2019

Since hiring Cartoozo, our website has gone from strength to strength and we are seeing big traffic improvements and many more sales too.

Alex Koval  |  21 February, 2019

Everything is going very well and we are delighted with all the work that Cartoozo has done for us. We can not thank them enough for their sheer determination to succeed.

Liza  |  21 February, 2019

It’s been a surreal experience working with Cartoozo. Both Ben and Mark are first class employees and very attentive. The results have been great and we have started to dominate our market. Overall our whole management team is happy which is the most important thing!

Lucinda Brown  |  21 February, 2019

After 6 months, we are now sitting in Postion 5 on page 1 of Google and I hope in the next few months we will get position 1. That’s my aim and I believe Cartoozo can achieve this for us.

Michael Donavan  |  21 February, 2019

Our link profile was in a bad state as the previous SEO agency had built lots of spammy backlinks. Cartoozo removed all of the these bad links and got us out of our Google penalty and our rankings are now slowly coming back. Thank you for everyone of Cartoozo for helping us in this really bad situation.

Neha  |  17 February, 2019

In 9 months I got all my keywords on page 1 of Google with Cartoozo. GREAT JOB!

Melissa Raftis  |  14 February, 2019

Cartoozo is the best SEO company I have ever worked with and trust me I have worked with LOTS. Very happy with their efforts and the rankings that have come as a result of their hard work.

Stacey Ward  |  14 February, 2019

Our website has been designed by Cartoozo and they also managed the hosting and do the SEO for us. The whole process was great and our team is very happy.

Michael  |  14 February, 2019

Great attitude, totally transparent approach coupled together with top class rankings. Very happy and pleased.

Martin  |  14 February, 2019

We needed a relatively inexpensive website built within 4 weeks and Cartoozo delivered just that. The website is now up and running without any issues and we are now using their services for Search Engine Optimization.

Nichola farran  |  14 February, 2019

They currently manage our Adwords which is doing very well. They manage our spend which is around $10,000 per month and they are showing us a really good return on our investment, so we are very pleased clients

Joel ellis  |  14 February, 2019

I would rate them as the best SEO Firm I have ever used and I would without a doubt recommend them to others looking for an SEO company.

Mark  |  13 February, 2019

We achieved top rankings with Cartoozo and a big increase in our website traffic so I am very happy.

Aman  |  13 February, 2019

I outsourced a project to Cartoozo on behalf of my company and I found them professional, hard working and motivated to get results. Safe to say that I will refer more business to them in the future too.

Mitul  |  12 February, 2019

I like Cartoozo because it is a rolling monthly commitment with no fixed contract. This is what sold it to me. Even though we don't have a contract in place, I am going to be a customer for many years because of the outstanding results that they have delivered for my business.

Mercy  |  12 February, 2019

I have found the whole experience working with them to be very positive and professional. Our rankings and traffic have been improved so well done. Thanks Mercy

Hanif  |  12 February, 2019

I was introduced to Cartoozo by a friend of mine who had used them many moons ago but could only say good things about them. I am happy to confirm I have had the same experience and I have found them a truly great company to work alongside with.

KP  |  12 February, 2019

We used them to help promote our business with both PPC and SEO. The PPC worked really well in the short term, but we found the margin from PPC to be too little, so we have now invested totally in SEO which is going really great and is giving us a very high ROI. Thank you for everyone at Cartoozo for all your hard work.

Nigel  |  12 February, 2019

They turned my business into a profitable business in just three months thrilled is not the word!

Andreicut Ioana  |  12 February, 2019

They have been great to work with, especially my account manager, Anthony who i have found very professional and he always goes up above and beyond the call of duty to help. Results are getting there and I am happy.

Adarsh  |  12 February, 2019

I was brought on board as the Marketing Manager for a failing company that has used 5 SEO companies in 2 years. These companies included Click Consult, SEO Valley, Over The Top SEO and 2 others. I picked Cartoozo because of their reputation. We are in 6 months into the campaign and the company is already increasing huge growths in traffic and rankings. I am pleased to say it seems like my directors have found the SEO company they were looking for.

vikas  |  12 February, 2019

Its been great working with them and having a fantastic experience and a real pleasure. Thank you Cartoozo!

Rachel Clifford  |  07 February, 2019

I had a sticky situation where I need ORM from Cartoozo to help me with some bad reviews. Cartoozo were able to give me a solution which so far has worked and my companies brand is now safe.

Nic Barrow  |  07 February, 2019

Cartoozo and their team have always been so responsive and thorough in their approach with us. Added to their easy pricing options and the self confidence they show by not insisting on long contracts, they are a great, trustworthy choice.

nikhil  |  06 February, 2019

Great company, I will highly recommend to my other friends and other people.

Ieran-Draghici Cosmin  |  06 February, 2019

VERY VERY PLEASED with Cartoozo. My business is steadily improving and I am getting more and more leads. SEO if FINALLY WORKING. THANK GOD.

Paula Frost  |  06 February, 2019

Cartoozo worked with us to turn around a failing business by giving solid advice on how to turn our model around and so far it seems to be working. Thanks!

Didier  |  06 February, 2019

I am very lucky to have found those guys. I have been with them for 3 years now. I have had a few SEO companies in the past and none of them delivered as much as Cartoozo. Get send reports, always available on the phone. Quick at implementing. The most important thing about Cartoozo is their technique. They comply with Google Recommendation at all time. Thank you.

Micaela  |  06 February, 2019

Using Cartoozo for my website build and subsequent SEO was the best decision I've made for my business. Ben and Mark have gone above and beyond at every turn to ensure the design and functionality of the site and it has resulted in catapulting my business into the top ranked spa in Houston.

Daniel B  |  06 February, 2019

It's still in the early stages (9 months) but so far we are seeing good results in our keyphrase rankings and traffic from the SEO. I just hope and pray it continues this way but so far I have no reason to believe it won't. We are, indeed, very happy and we feel confident about the way forward.

Mihai Stanescu  |  06 February, 2019

Cartoozo helped us with our Google Ads campaign which was left in a very bad state from a former disgruntled employee. Cartoozo rebuilt the whole campaign in just 2 weeks and it is performing way better than we have ever had before.

Alin Bilt  |  06 February, 2019

I picked Cartoozo out of 10 firms that I interviewed as I felt they were very professional, thought outside the box and they knew what they were talking about. To this date, I have not been let down and I am very impressed with their hard work.

Alex  |  06 February, 2019

Seriously impressed with what Cartoozo have achieved so far. Hope you continue to keep up this good work. Thank you

Uttam Singh  |  06 February, 2019

Over the past 6 months, our rankings have improved and we are showing in the top 3 positions in Google for 5 of our 10 keywords. Good effort & well done.

Robert Stewart  |  06 February, 2019

I switched to Cartoozo from another top SEO company who did well to begin with but fizzled out. Since hiring Cartoozo I have been impressed with the work attitude, their level of support and most importantly the results. Just wanted to say a big well done to the whole team for all their hard work and efforts.

Ranko  |  06 February, 2019

We hired Cartoozo to revamp our dated website and to help with the overall performance. The whole campaign has come very well and our senior management team are very pleased with their efforts.

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