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Our local creamery was searching for options to get our e-commerce site off the ground so we could begin delivering handcrafted ice cream to the rest of the nation. We met with BYK, and, not only did they provide a solution for our online store, they combined it with an SEO package to get our website ranking above our competitors. After a few meetings and a few short weeks, we started to see leads pour in from the website and our catering business was booming. Six months later we are now ranking high and still generating more leads. Thanks, guys!



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Drew Thompson  |  12 April, 2018

What can we say other than, we like it. We really do!

Brenton Brown  |  12 April, 2018

BYK has been the center point in our online presence creating our website, cultivating our social media presence and consistently giving us digital graphics that are professional, simple and artistic. BYK understands the business and knows what works best. They took the time to actively listen to us and what we wanted, probing to get our long term vision. The packages they offer are reasonable but the greater benefit is that they are an active partner rather than a contractor. They frequent my location, usually bringing friends and family, and will then offer ideas at our next meeting based on observation. These ideas are based on experience and while they will offer them as add on services, they will also give us a tutorial on how we can do it ourself, which is brilliant for a start up like mine. Please feel free to reach out to me for any referral questions!

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