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AirTight Design is a small but capable Internet consulting company, founded in 2001. We have 15 full-time staff members working here in our Atlanta office. We provide numerous Internet-related services, such as web design, application development and search engine optimization.



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A Google User  |  23 May, 2018

AirTight has been our goto company when it comes to PHP and forms for microsites. I enjoy working with Ward and his team, and they are the first call I make when I know I need backend help. They are always reachable, the status of my project is transparent, and the quality of work is on par. We recently worked with them on a microsite where they developed some XML for us, and it worked out great.

A Google User  |  23 May, 2018

I love AirTight because they REALLY know what's up in the digital world. Really. I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with AirTight and it's obvious to me that Ward and his staff care about getting the job done right — which, increasingly, is a real commodity. At the very least, meet with them and you'll see what I mean.

A Google User  |  23 May, 2018

I have worked with Air Tight Design on numerous sites over the past 10 years and have consistently been pleased with their know-how and their commitment to client service. They have designed flash photo galleries, php-based job listings tools, real estate listings sites, and many other database-driven tools that take my clients sites to the next level. Ward and his staff are easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. They are easy to get in touch with and do what they say they are going to do. I recommend them unreservedly for web site design projects, particularly those involving custom tools and/or programming.

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