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About UK Linkology

First let's just be clear that we aren't the three cute little cartoon characters you see around the site!

They are our mascots and their scientific demeanour is an intentional strategy. They are supposed to reflect the playful but also serious nature of our business.

The people behind UK Linkology are experienced and qualified marketers with the skills to make a significant impact on your business.

Based in Derby, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. Our head office is located at Sadler Bridge Studios, in the heart of Derby City Centre.

Our team has a strong background in SEO, link building and all things inbound marketing.

What started off as a local digital consultancy grew into a desire to help a much wider audience, and so UK Linkology was born with the aim to deliver affordable online marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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Jason Brooks  |  30 June, 2017

I'm biased but I'm.told we're great so I'm telling you ;)

Swadhin Agrawal  |  30 June, 2017

UKLinkology is one of the best SEO agencies you can hire for total marketing campaigns. I am so happy with their link building campaigns they did for me. :)

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