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Each of our founding members had previously worked with a large, corporate internet marketing firm in San Antonio. After years of disagreeing with the way these “big box” marketing companies treated their clients, we decided there needed to be a better alternative for local businesses.



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Janet Rodriguez  |  08 July, 2017

Great customer service! What a pleasure to work with these very knowledgeable guys and it furthers our commitment to supporting locally owned small businesses. Impressed with everything they've done for us here at RNR Auto Glass. Beautiful new web page is just what we wanted!

Ginny Stewart  |  08 July, 2017

Our business leads have greatly increased with Odd Duck Media. We are beyond thrilled with their expertise and customer service. It is by far one of the best business decisions we have ever made!

Pauline  |  08 July, 2017

Odd Duck Media has helped us grow our business exponentially. We've increased our sales each quarter since opening two years ago, and a huge part of that has been the work of Odd Duck.

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